Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Will Appear in ‘The Flash’ Movie


We saw a glimpse of Victor Stone‘s transformation into Cyborg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The character will go on to play a key role in the two Justice League movies, while he will star in his own standalone movie in 2020. Now, Cyborg is popping up in yet another DC film. Continue reading


‘Dope’ Helmer Rick Famuyiwa Signs On to Direct ‘The Flash’


A few weeks ago, Seth Grahame-Smith dropped out of the director’s chair for The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller as the Fastest Man Alive. Apparently, Warner Bros. decided that a more experienced filmmaker would be better suited for such a big project. Now, a new director has been hired.
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Warner Bros. Tweaking Producer Charles Roven’s Role in DC Films


One of the key players in the DC Extended Universe is Charles Roven, who has produced every DC movie for Warner Bros. since 2005’s Batman Begins. He has also been a member of the DCEU braintrust. However, it looks like his role in the DC movies going forward will be reduced.
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Director Seth Grahame-Smith Drops Out of ‘The Flash’ Due to “Creative Differences”


A few months ago, Seth Grahame-Smith was hired to write and direct Warner Bros.The Flash, which will star Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster. His script is based on a story treatment written by Chris Miller and Phil Lord. However, it looks like the director’s chair for the DC film is now empty.
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New Details on ‘Batman v Superman’ and the DCEU: Flash’s Role, Timeline, the “Ultimate Edition” and Where is Green Lantern?


Entertainment Weekly has published a lengthy new article from its cover story for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In this piece, the magazine goes into detail regarding the creation of the DC Extended Universe and how Batman v Superman is making it all possible.

Below is a break down of the article. Exactly what is The Flash doing in Batman v Superman? Which character has been cut from the theatrical edition, but will be seen in the director’s cut? Where do Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman fit into the DCEU timeline? And where on Earth (or in space) is Green Lantern? All that and more are answered below. Continue reading

Warner Bros. Release Date News: ‘Ready Player One’ Pushed Back, ‘The Flash’ Moves Up and More


This week, Warner Bros. Pictures has made a few updates to its film schedule over the next couple years. Steven Spielberg‘s Ready Player One has been pushed back a couple months, DC’s The Flash film will arrive a little sooner, a new movie starring Will Smith will go head-to-head with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and a couple of untitled films have been dated. All that can be found after the jump. Continue reading