‘Suicide Squad’ Retains #1 Spot with $43.8 Million in Second Weekend


Despite negative reviews from critics, Suicide Squad opened with a record-breaking $133.7 million opening last weekend. Now, the DC film is in its second weekend of release, where it had to defend its #1 position from newcomers Sausage Party and Pete’s Dragon. How did Suicide Squad fare? Continue reading


New Teaser Trailer For ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Revealed

Another day, another live-action Disney remake. We’ve had Cinderella, half of Sleeping Beauty, and an assortment of others. Now, we’ve just had revealed to us the first teaser trailer for Pete’s Dragon. Obviously, akin to the aforementioned films, Pete is based on an older animated Disney film, but now in live-action. This trailer entices audiences with great foreshadowing, interesting action set-pieces, a few hints of the titular dragon, and what looks to be a pretty decent cast. The main leads are Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, and an unknown child actor playing, as the title would presumably suggest, Pete. Check out the trailer below!

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