‘Suicide Squad’ Review: Not Nearly Bad Enough


I think it’s pretty fair to say that superhero movies are the most popular films of today. So with any popular topic, the subversion of said topic is also going to be popular. A few years back, after the widely known success of the first Marvel-hero team-up film, studios said, “Hey, what if we made hero team-up movies, BUT (!!) it was villains instead!?!” Thus Sony sprouted the idea of a Sinister Six film, and Warner Bros. decided to add a Suicide Squad adaptation to their universe’s line-up. But only one remained: the one I’m reviewing today. Continue reading




The Bourne trilogy has always been a special one for me, not just because of the stellar car chases, brutal hand to hand combat, or shootouts it never ceased to deliver, but the grounded realistic nature and the inner turmoil of its main protagonist gave each of those films a greater depth that I think we sadly rarely get these days from the action genre. So, it’s safe to say when the announcement of director Paul Greengrass (who directed both Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum) and Matt Damon were both returning to this franchise after a 9 year hiatus, I’m going to have reasonably high expectations for a new Bourne installment to be nothing short of pretty spectacular. After all, both Damon and Greengrass have been on record on how they would only return if it was for a story that deserved to be told. In other words, they wouldn’t actually dare to make a sequel that feels nothing more than an obligatory cash grab, right? Continue reading

‘Bad Moms’ Review – A Comedy Not Made For “You”

In today’s P.C.-driven world, the unsuspecting American public really seems to love irony. Comedy, at its simplest form, really, but more specifically, they seem to be in a heightened state where they truly just love to see the systematically conforming individuals speaking down to them getting what they deserve. And that’s where STX Entertainment’s (yeah, this surprisingly is not a Universal film) BAD MOMS comes in. Amy (played by TED’s Mila Kunis) is the, according to the IMDB plot synopsis, over-worked and under-appreciated mom that you just can’t help but root for, but when she’s pushed beyond her limits by the uptight PTA President (played by ANCHORMAN’s Christina Applegate), she decides to band together with two other mothers (STEP BROTHERSKathryn Hahn and SARAH MARSHALL herself, Kristen Bell) who are done with taking the crap of the P.C. hierarchy. Continue reading

Review: ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’

Hey folks! Today I’m here to give you all a review of the brand new DC animated film Batman: The Killing Joke, which is based on Alan Moore’s bestselling graphic novel of the same name, which debuted in 1988. I actually haven’t read it myself yet, so this review will be coming from someone on the other side of the spectrum.
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‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ Review: Likable Leads Bring Summer Fun

Back in 2013, two brothers, Mike and Dave Stangle had an issue. They planned to soon attend their cousin’s wedding, yet there was one rule standing in their way. Dates were mandatory (for them). At that point, the enticing title of their 2015 book, which shares its name with the film, was born. And now in 2016, 20th Century Fox has decided to adapt the allegedly true story into a raunchy, sex/drugs-addled, R-rated, summer comedy. Like the real-life story, brothers Mike and Dave need to find dates to a wedding (their sister’s, in the film) that they truly do not intend on derailing, but as history shows, they always somehow end up doing so. So at the bride’s request, the dynamic duo must find dates to keep them under control, but as R-rated studio comedies restrict, things get a little bit whacky. Continue reading

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ Review: An Okay Sequel To An Okay Predecessor

Back in 2014, the world was served up a new take on the characters of the Ninja Turtles. Though it technically was not done by Michael Bay, the director of the film was still one of the goons over at Platinum Dunes (Bay’s production company,) therefore it still had the cynical taste, nonstop advertisements, and abhorrently overblown special effects of previous works like the current series of Transformers remakes. Most audiences’ opinions ranged from thinking it was an awful “rape” of their favorite childhood hero, to thinking it was at least a fun summer blockbuster. In my own opinion, I did have some fun with it, but still found it hard to get past the gross undercurrent of consumerism and cynicism at bay.

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Review: Another Solid Entry in the Franchise


It is truly amazing just how long the X-Men franchise has been going without a full-on reboot. Beginning in 2000, 20th Century Fox‘s saga consists of the original trilogy, the First Class era, Deadpool and two Wolverine movies. (The less we talk about the first Wolverine, the better.) The ninth installment of the franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse, is now here, concluding the First Class trilogy.

Apocalypse has received mixed to negative reviews from critics, a stark contrast from the positive reception to the last two films. But is Apocalypse really an underwhelming disappointment, or is it a pleasant surprise? Continue reading