Live Action ‘Pokémon’ Film Recruiting Two Screenwriters


Last month, it was announced that The Pokémon Company is teaming up with Legendary Pictures to create a live action Pokémon movie. The film, which is targeting a 2017 production start date, is based on the Great Detective Pikachu video game. Now, the film is about to lock down its screenwriters.

According to Variety, scribes Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch are in negotiations to write the Pokémon script. Perlman was a member of the Marvel Studios writer’s room. She worked on Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, and she’s co-writing the script for Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, Hirsch has created the Disney X-D television series Gravity Falls.

Max Landis was rumored to be in contention to write Pokémon, back when the film was first announced. However, he (thankfully) won’t be involved with the project.

Universal is distributing the untitled Pokémon movie in every country except Japan, where it’ll be distributed by Toho. No word yet on a director or cast members. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.


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