Legendary Pictures Officially Acquires ‘Pokémon’ Live Action Film Rights


Earlier this year, we reported that The Pokémon Company was courting several Hollywood studios to bring Pokémon to the big screen in a live action film. Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures were all in contention for the hot property. Since this news, the hugely successful Pokémon Go mobile game was released. Now, the tentpole has found a studio.

The Pokémon Company has confirmed (via Deadline) that it will collaborate with Legendary to create a live action Pokémon movie franchise. The film will revolve around Detective Pikachu, one of countless video games in the franchise. This one revolves around a talking Pikachu who solves mysteries about fellow Pokémon.

The plan is for the movie to begin production next year. Toho will distribute the film in Japan, while Universal will handle distribution everywhere else. Rumor has it that Max Landis is being considered to write the script. However, However, Legendary and The Pokémon Company have yet to confirm any further details.

Are you excited to see a live action Pokémon movie?


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