‘Garfield’ is Returning to the Big Screen in New Animated Movie


The beloved Garfield comic strip has been adapted many times, mostly in animated shows and movies. In 2004 and 2006, 20th Century Fox released two live action/CG hybrid films, starring Bill Murray as the voice of the titular character. Now, everyone’s favorite fat cat is returning to cinemas – this time in a fully animated movie.

It has been announced (via Variety) that Alcon Entertainment has acquired the film rights to Garfield. A fully CG-animated movie is in development, and the hope is to spawn a new franchise. Creator Jim Davis will serve as an executive producer. Despicable Me and The Angry Birds Movie producer John Cohen will produce the new movie alongside Steven P. Wegner; these two were the ones who showed the project to Alcon.

Alcon’s Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson had this to say about the company acquiring the Garfield rights. “Jim Davis’s creation has been an international sensation for all ages for decades, and we are thrilled to bring an animated Garfield feature to the big screen.”

Additionally, Davis shared his excitement for this new take on his creation, saying, “I’ve been so impressed with the quality of animation and storytelling coming out of Hollywood of late. I can’t wait to get into production with the terrific team Alcon has assembled.” 

A director and screenwriter for Garfield have yet to be announced. But stay tuned for more news as we have it. Are you excited to see Garfield on the big screen again?


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