Both ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Movies Will Get New Titles


Back in 2014, Marvel Studios confirmed that the next Avengers movie, which serves as the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, will be split into two parts Infinity War Part 1 hits theaters on May 4th, 2018, while Infinity War Part 2 arrives on May 3rd, 2019. However, it looks like those titles will be changed in the near future.

Speaking with UproxxInfinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo discussed the hotly anticipated movies. Joe says that the two parts are “very different movies,” with Anthony adding that calling them Part 1 and Part 2 is actually “misleading.”

Joe then confirms that both movies will be retitled at some point. “The intention is we will change it, we just haven’t come up with the titles yet. But, yes, we will change it.” Production is expected to begin in November, so hopefully, we’ll receive the new titles by then.

Avengers: Infinity War will conclude Marvel’s Phase Three, and it is expected to feature a massive ensemble of characters from the MCU. Stay tuned for more news as we have it. What do you think the titles for the two films will be?


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