Fandango Poll Proves Audiences Are Hungry for a Black Widow Film


With Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to kick off this weekend with Captain America: Civil War, the idea of getting a Black Widow or Hawkeye (the two original Avengers members that have yet to get their movie) film at this point seems to be somewhat doubtful, and some have questioned whether audiences are really interested in seeing a film centering on either of these characters. 

Fandango, who earlier today shared that Civil War had claimed the honor of being their highest pre-selling superhero film ever, polled 1,000 moviegoers who had already bought Civil War tickets, asking them which Avenger they’d most like to see get their own solo film that has yet to get one.

The winner of that poll was Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow. Easily, in fact, with 48% of the vote, decimating Paul Bettany‘s Vision (15%), Anthony Mackie‘s Falcon (12%), Jeremy Renner‘s aforementioned Hawkeye (10%), Don Cheadle‘s War Machine (8%), and Elizabeth Olsen‘s Scarlet Witch (7%).

Johansson is arguably the biggest household name out of that bunch, but the fact that Black Widow tripled the percentage of the poll’s runner-up is quite eye-opening. Is it that the character is more popular than we think or are Marvel fans craving what would be the first female-lead film from their beloved studio? Or both?

It can be noted that Fandango ran a similar poll a couple of months back in which they polled Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice moviegoers, asking them which new ‘BvS’ character they were most looking forward to seeing make an appearance on the big screen. Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman won that poll by a landslide with 88%.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiege previously admitted that he and Johansson have discussed the possibility of a Black Widow film, coming to the conclusion that they’re both mutually interested in making it happen. Only time will tell whether or not a Black Widow film ever comes to fruition, but we now know that moviegoers are interested too.



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