First Look At Elizabeth Banks As ‘Power Rangers’ Villain Rita Repulsa


We’re now under a year from the release of Saban’s Power Rangers, and we have yet to see an official image of the team in their costumes. What we do have now, however, is a first look at Elizabeth Banks as the film’s villain Rita Repulsa, via EW, which you can see down below.

Fans of the original series can clearly see that they seemed to go in a different direction with her design in this film.  “It’s definitely a modern and edgy re-imagining of the original Rita Repulsa,” Banks says of the change. “We wanted to give her a backstory that connects her to the new Rangers.” 

This is Banks’ first villainous role ever, and when asked by PEOPLE what she’s most looking forward to, she says, “Obviously, first, world domination.” She continues, “I’ve never played a villain before, let alone an alien warrior.” 


You can see Banks conquer Earth as Rita Repulsa when Saban’s Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017!


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