Disney is Bringing ‘Peter Pan’ Back to the Big Screen in Another Live Action Movie


The story of Peter Pan has been adapted into several films, most notably Disney‘s 1953 animated classic. Most recently, Warner Bros. took a crack at the tale with last year’s Pan, which was a critical and financial letdown. However, the character will return to the big screen once more, and of course, it’s Disney overseeing this new film.

According to Deadline, Disney has put a new live action Peter Pan movie into development. David Lowery will direct from a script by Toby Halbrooks. Lowery previously helmed the upcoming Pete’s Dragon remake for Disney. No further details on the film’s plot are provided.

However, Peter Pan is expected to happen after Disney’s new Tinkerbell film, which has Reese Witherspoon attached to star. Deadline says it’s “possible” that some cast members will appear in both movies, creating a new crossover.

Peter Pan is Disney’s latest venture into live action fantasy films and/or live action remakes of animated classics. But after the success of MaleficentAlice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book, can you blame the studio? It’ll be interesting to see how they re-adapt Peter Pan’s story for the big screen. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.


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