First Trailer for Seth Rogen’s R-Rated Animated Movie ‘Sausage Party’ Released

Sausage Fest, is the latest Seth Rogen – Evan Goldberg collaboration but it is certainly not the one you would expect. While it is still an R-rated comedy, in an interesting twist, it is an animated movie. Like Toy Story with foods, the plot revolves around one sausage who discovers the truth about how humans use food. The film just debuted at the SXSW film festival and with it, the first trailer for the film has been released. Check it out below.

“Sausage Party” is an ‘R’ rated theatrical animated movie about one sausage’s quest to discover the truth about his existence. After falling out of a shopping cart, our hero sausage and his new friends embark on a perilous journey through the supermarket to get back to their aisles before the 4th of July sale.”

Sausage Party hits theaters on August 12, 2016.


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