Chewbacca Confirmed to Appear in ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Prequel

With production set to begin next year, Disney and Lucasfilm‘s untitled Star Wars Han Solo spin-off movie is currently casting its titular hero. Chris Miller and Phil Lord will direct the film, which will focus on a younger Solo before the events of A New Hope. And, as many fans speculated, it looks like this movie will tell the story of how Solo met his “big walking carpet” of a best friend: Chewbacca.

At the Deutsche Bank 2016 Media, Internet & Telecom Conference today (via The Wrap), Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms that Chewbacca will appear in the Han Solo movie. Regarding the studio’s upcoming Star Wars slate, he says, “We have others in the works, including one, which is an origin story about Han Solo and Chewy. And that’ll come after Star Wars 8 in 2018. And then there’ll be possibly be more thereafter.” 

As for how Disney will approach marketing the Star Wars Story movies – such as Han Solo and Rogue One – vs. the marketing strategy for the main Episodes, Iger says the campaigns will be done “differently, but aggressively.” The studio hopes to earn the general audience’s money for both the Story films and the main Episodes without dissuading them from one or the other.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. The untitled Han Solo movie is scheduled to hit theaters on May 25th, 2018.


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