‘The Dark Tower’ Officially Adds Matthew McConaughey to Cast


Next January,  the adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower will hit theaters. Idris Elba has already signed on to play The Gunslinger, and now another recognizable face has officially joined the picture as a key character.

King tweeted out earlier today that Matthew McConaughey will be playing The Gunslinger’s foe, “The Man in Black”.


Meanwhile, Elba and McConaughey playfully greeted one another on Twitter.

Elba’s Gunslinger is the last surviving gunslinger, described as “a man whose ultimate goal is to climb to the top of The Dark Tower, which is purported to be the very center of existence, so that he may right the wrongs in his land”, while McConaughey’s The Man in Black is described as “an accomplished sorcerer bent on bringing down civilizations through destruction and conflict”.

Rumors about McConaughey possibly being eyed for a role in the film go back to November, and now, we can put those rumors to rest.

The Dark Tower is scheduled to hit theaters on January 13, 2017.




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