How this Justice League Video Game Trailer Helped Create ‘Deadpool’

So far, Deadpool has been the surprise hit of the year; receiving praise from critics and fans alike. One of the most intriguing things about the film is that it’s made by first-time director Tim Miller. What makes this even more interesting is that this all came to be because of a Justice League teaser trailer for the video game DC Universe Online. The trailer features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of main Justice League characters. It was this very trailer that landed Miller a gig at 20th Century Fox; where he assisted in making X-Men: First Class. Check out the amazing trailer down below!

In an interview with Time Out Dubai (via Slashfilm), Miller explains just how influential this trailer was in him getting the Deadpool job, saying:

The executive at Fox who’d been working on X-Men: First Class with Matthew Vaughn had seen a piece I’d done for a DC Universe project, which had a lot of superhero action. He thought X-Men: First Class could use some help with working out the detailed action choreography, so I was brought on to help with that. He came down and we met, and by the end of that meeting he said, “You know, I think you should really be directing your own film. You’re a first-timer so I can’t get you on anything big, but we have this other movie… Deadpool. Are you interested?” I’d read the script already and I thought it was great, so I jumped at the chance. And then there were a whole series of hurdles to jump over, to make sure Ryan liked me, to make sure the producer liked me, and to make sure I wasn’t some kind of crazy weirdo.”

After watching that trailer and seeing the way he handles multiple characters in the action sequence; I strongly believe that Tim Miller can direct an assemble film. After the success of Deadpool, maybe 20th Century Fox will offer an X-Men film or an X-Force film to Miller? He certainly deserves every opportunity he gets from here on out.

Deadpool is in theaters now.


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