Disney Revving Up Awards Campaign for ‘The Force Awakens’


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is tracking to make box office history, and now, Disney hopes that their franchise can get an Oscar or two to go along with its inevitable box office records.

On WaltDisneyStudiosAwards.com’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens page, an awards campaign containing a large list of “for your consideration” candidates can be found for the film. The complete list, which you can view down below, features a few surprises.

First off, the fact that Harrison Ford was placed in the “Best Actor” category supposed to “Best Supporting Actor” comes as a bit of a surprise. While Ford has a good bit of screen time in the film, he didn’t have enough to be considered a tangible “lead actor” in it.

As far as the “Best Supporting Actor” category goes, it’s kinda humorous to see Mark Hamill listed considering, well, you know. It’s a bit odd to see him on this list and not, say, Gwendoline Christie, who is noticeably absent from the list of “Best Supporting Actress” candidates.

As you can imagine, the studio is making a strong push to get the film’s technical aspects some recognition from the Academy, and deservedly so. Oh, how I’d love to see John Williams‘ amazing score for the film win for “Best Original Score”.

Academy voters will have up until January 8th (when their ballots are due) to see the film. Let’s hope they give this franchise some love come February 28th.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now in theaters.


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