‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Black and White Cut May Hit Theaters in 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best films of the year and is getting recognition from many award groups including the Golden Globes. Rumor has it that director George Miller wanted the film to be released in black and white but those plans fell through. According to Screen Daily, in a lengthy article about the making of Fury Road, plans for a black and white cut may be back on.

“In 2016, there might also be a black-and-white version of the film, which Miller confirms was his original intent. A greyscale and silent version was leaked online in September, although it has since been removed. [Producer Doug Mitchell] says that an official version exists and could yet receive a theatrical release.”

Seeing a silent, black and white version of Mad Max: Fury Road could be very cool to see on the big screen one day. Also, re-releasing the film in theaters could be another way to get more Oscar consideration for the movie. If Fury Road can get that kind of consideration, many people could be very happy come Oscar season.



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