‘Batman v Superman’ Dream Sequence, The Flash Cameo, and More Confirmed

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson has caused fan excitement this morning, revealing some details about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at CCXP – Comic Con Experience 2015. The highly anticipated film has been the subject of many fan theories and speculation and it now appears that some may have been correct.

According to omelete.uol.com.br, the costume designer of Batman v Superman offered up some new details on the highly anticipated film. While many online speculated on the desert sequence involving Batman and an overlord Superman, Wilkinson confirmed that the sequence would indeed be a dream. This dream would feature Superman and an army of flying beings and soldiers.

Wilkinson also confirmed that audiences would see Ezra Miller as The Flash in a cameo. This follows past speculation that the character would be briefly seen in a convenience store cameo. Furthermore, Wilkinson said Miller would have a more streamlined profile than other members of the Justice League.

Finally, Wilkinson confirmed that Aquaman’s costume was partly inspired by some of Jason Momoa’s tattoos. But what was truly interesting is the costume designer saying that Aquaman will have more than one look in the film, he will have two costumes. It is quite possible that this second look may be closer to the character’s comic book outfit.

Fans can expect more news from the cast and crew in the following months.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th, 2016.


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