Wonder Woman: Can It Succeed?

With the release of a new picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the Internet went abuzz on Saturday morning. The new picture commenced the start of filming and a full press release, revealing more of the cast and crew. Some were surprised to see certain names missing, including such rumored names like Eva Green and Nicole Kidman. The cast release raised some slight discussion, with some arguing that the film’s cast lacked star power draw. I don’t think that’s a negative, however.

While casting star power is indeed important, it is not the mark of a successful film. I’ve read some individuals suggesting that the film greatly needed names like Nicole Kidman to draw the general public into the film. But really? Would stars like Nicole Kidman actually be a draw for people? Quite honestly, the make or break of this film will be how people react to Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman v Superman is going to be the general public’s first taste of Gadot in the role. If she impresses the public, the hype for Wonder Woman will be raised. It gathers excitement, and the lack of star power in the film will not be a factor then. But if the general public is not impressed with Gadot’s performance and the way the character is portrayed, the film is going to fight an uphill battle.

Regardless of the lack of star power or not, I’ve always attested that Gal Gadot needed a strong cast to support her. It’s important; Gadot has never headlined a film before, let alone a blockbuster. But the cast that’s been hired is strong enough to help her. Robin Wright has been a phenomenal actress for years, and her stint on House of Cards proves she can help Gadot in the film. Chris Pine is another actor who Gadot can bounce off on in scenes. The supporting cast also includes Danny Huston, a regular at playing the antagonist in films. The cast is absolutely adequate in helping Gadot.

Fans have clamored for a Wonder Woman film for YEARS, and now that the film is finally happening all I hear and read is excuses. “Well, I don’t like Gadot in the role.” “Well, they’re rushing her character arc by throwing her in Batman v Superman.” I can’t tell you how many Rocket Raccoon/Wonder Woman memes I saw on the Internet after Guardians of the Galaxy. Why are fanboys complaining now?

Regardless of the actress playing Diana Prince, this is hugely exciting for female-led properties. This opens the door for the future of female superheroes. If Wonder Woman succeeds, we can expect films like ‘Captain Marvel’ or ‘Supergirl’ in the future. Studios have been nervous when it comes to female-led films. I argue that The Hunger Games franchise proved that audiences don’t care about the gender of the main protagonist. Audiences only care if a film is actually good or not.

The quality and success of Wonder Woman remains to be seen, but I think fans don’t need to worry. Warner Bros. seems to have a plan when it comes to the future layout of the DCEU. I’m confident that they’re aware of how important Wonder Woman is to the future films in the universe.


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