EDITORIAL: Why Ben Affleck’s Batman Needs to be the Center of the DCEU


With Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Part 1 hitting theaters in 2017, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out in mere months, many rumors have surfaced about how big of a role Ben Affleck’s Batman will have for the future of the DCEU. These rumors explain that Affleck will not only be playing Batman in his own solo films, alongside the Justice League films and Batman v Superman, but he will also possibly be making an appearance in 2017’s Wonder Woman. This worries people as they think that WB may be using “too much Batman.” I’m here to give you 3 reasons why not only is too much Batman a good thing, but why Batman needs to be the center of the DC Extended Universe.

Reason #1 – A lot of good, isn’t bad

Now I haven’t seen Batman v Superman, nor have I seen enough of Ben Affleck’s performance to properly judge whether or not his portrayal of Batman is spot on, George Clooney levels of bad. However, many reports have come out that WB have watched a rough cut of Batman v Superman and loved Affleck’s performance so much, so they immediately signed him for 3 solo Batman films. While this may not seem like much at first glance, this is a studio getting ready to invest millions based on the performance of one actor in a rough cut of a film. Which is also why we shouldn’t be worried about Batman’s character showing up in other films like Wonder Woman, it means that Affleck has done something extraordinary with the character, so much so that WB has found ways to fit that character into other films. Besides, nobody complains that there’s “too much Nick Fury” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reason #2 – Batman is Always the leader of the Justice League

Throughout the history of comics, Batman has always been the one to lead the Justice League. While many will argue that Superman holds that spot, people overlook that leadership goes beyond giving orders. Batman is the only person among the Justice League to keep track of its members and have contingency plans for each and every one. A leader is one to have and take control of the most responsibilities, whilst being most cautious. Something I believe Snyder and company have nailed with Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. The DCEU’s Batman has gone through tragedy in his lifetime, whether it’s with the many battles he’s had with the Joker, or the loss of a Robin, this Batman is cautious and doesn’t trust people easily, a personality that will make the inevitable formation of the Justice League something incredibly special.

Reason #3 – The DCEU Needs to be told via Batman’s Perspective

Batman is the only character in the Justice League who’s just a guy. He’s not some super powered being that can lift skyscrapers or run around the world in a second, he’s just a person, like us. This is why it’s important that we get more of his character in future DCEU films. While normal people will have roles in those films, his will be the most recognizable and consistent. Now I’m not saying it’s quintessential for him to be in every DC film from here on out, it is important that we know why him appearing in a Wonder Woman film or a Green Lantern film works, we see this world the same way he does, making his perspective on things key.

All in all, Batman is the most important player in the DCEU field. Affleck seems to have done and will continue doing a fine job with the character, so there’s nothing to worry about seeing more of a good thing. While on paper, it can worry some people that Batman will have more screen time than Superman in Batman v Superman, and it can bug some people that he might appear in Wonder Woman, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Him having more screen time than Superman may be what turns the film from being just good, to great, and his rumored role in Wonder Woman could be a simple cameo to show that these films are all apart of a shared universe. We’ll have to wait and see as the DC Extended Universe launches on March 25th, 2016.