Rumor: Solo Batman Movie to be Based on ´Under the Red Hood´

Basically ever since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, fans have been dying to finally see the character Jason Todd on the big screen, even going so far as to suggesting that Jared Leto´s Joker was secretly him. Now, it appears that this may finally be true. According to JoBlo, the Batman solo movie starring Affleck will be heavily influenced by Under the Red Hood and A Death in the Family.

If you don´t know, Under the Red Hood features Batman´s second Robin aka Jason Todd getting brutally killed by The Joker, only to be brought back to life as the anti-hero known as Red Hood. We have gotten hints of Jason Todd´s existence in the DCEU already in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer where we see the words ¨HAHAHA JOKES ON YOU BATMAN¨ written on a Robin costume. The animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood adapts this story brilliantly and it was adored by fans and critics alike. Is Red Hood the right choice for a Batman solo movie? Lets us know in the comments below!


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