Rumor: New ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Movie Featuring an All Female Cast in Development?

It’s time to add another title to the long list of reboots, retreads, re-imaginings, and revived franchises.  A new Ocean’s movie is on its way, but this one will take its lead from the new all female Ghostbusters and feature an all female heist crew.

Although details are incredibly scarce at this time, a new oceans movie has been rumored as recently as the  Sony email hack in 2014.  Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney started working on the project last year, along with longtime producer Jerry Weintraub, but there has been no new news since Weintraub passed away earlier this year.

All female fan castings are bound to start popping up now that the news is out, but it has yet to be revealed if this will continue in the same numerical sequencing, making this Ocean’s 14, or if the Ocean’s brand name will be ditched entirely in favor of something directly related to the new characters.

Although many details aren’t yet know, it does look like Sandra Bullock will be headlining the new team, and George Clooney will be serving as a producer (although it will be surprising if there’s not a Daniel Ocean cameo at some point in the movie).

Are you excited about an Ocean’s spin-off movie featuring a female team?  Other than Sandra Bullock, do you have any favorite actresses you’d love to see as a part of the team?  Let us know in the comments, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available!

Source: IndieWire