‘Knock Knock’ Review: Not Even Keanu Reeves Could Save this Disaster

Knock Knock is the latest movie from director Eli Roth and stars Keanu Reeves as Evan, a loving husband and father of 2, who is home alone for the weekend when 2 strange young women knock on his door. At first they just ask for directions but soon they work their way into Evan’s home and slowly start to seduce him against his will. This movie is definitely not for everybody, in fact, I’m not too sure that this movie IS for anybody. While some unintentional humor is quite entertaining, Knock Knock is a disastrous piece of garbage that fails in its attempt to convey a message.

While this is not the typical “horror-porn” Eli Roth movie, it is equally as bad. As writer and director, the blame must go on Roth for what this movie is. The dialogue that is spoken is mind boggling how awful and unrealistic it is. Also, like many awful horror films, common sense is thrown straight out the window from the second this movie begins. There were far too many instances where Evan could have called the police or escaped but instead he played perfectly into the schemes of the seductive women.

Keanu Reeves tries his best with the material that he had but it is very clear that he isn’t the problem with the movie. A few scenes including one with Reeves yelling “You f*cked me! You sucked my c*ck!” were actually hysterical but I am genuinely unsure if that was intentional. While it would seem like it, the scene was handled in such a serious way that I have my doubts. Knock Knock honestly seems like a movie that Nicholas Cage would do as supposed to Keanu Reeves because this seems so beneath him.

Lorenzo Izzo and Ana de Armas were actually pretty good in the film. It took some real talent to convincingly pull off innocent yet completely insane similarly to Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl. While they are obviously nowhere near as good as Pike, I was impressed with them because if acted differently, this could have been a very different movie. But yet again, the blame must go to Eli Roth for trying to make the girls something that they weren’t. It was set up well that these women were doing this for their own pleasure but then Roth awkwardly jabbed in themes about how cheating is bad and how you shouldn’t do it when that was never established earlier in the movie. Roth took a good concept and made it into something that almost felt like a parody of films like Gone Girl.

While Knock Knock clearly has many flaws, I must say that I was never bored while watching it. The 99 minute run time never dragged and never forced in any subplots. It is unfortunate that the movie is so terrible especially since the idea behind it seemed very interesting. Also, the ending of the film is so dumb that it hurts. Roth decided to not go 100% on it which is strange because the whole movie he at least tried. Nonetheless, Knock Knock is a movie that isn’t even so bad that it’s good, which you don’t find very often in Keanu Reeves movies. Keanu seems like the perfect person to save this kind of movie and make it better, but Roth made sure that did not happen.

1.5/5 Stars


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