Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow Begins Production on ‘The Book of Henry’

After the success of Jurassic World and his upcoming film Star Wars: Episode IX many have forgotten about director Colin Trevorrow’s next film, a drama titled The Book of Henry. Trevorrow is directing the film with an original screenplay by bestselling novelist Gregg Hurwitz. Little has been given concerning the plot, but the film, but a SSN Insider has a logline for The Book of Henry, details down below.

“A precocious little boy, being raised by his single mother and serving as a surrogate father to his younger bother, develops feelings for the girl next door and, to protect her from ongoing harm at the hands of her father, plots a murder.”

This is an interesting plot to say the least, as it stays in line with Hurwitz previous work. SSN Insider also notes that Thea Sherlock was previously set to direct, but never explain how Trevorrow got the directing job.

With production underway Trevorrow posted a behind the scenes photo of the young actors, Jaden Lieberher,  Maddie Ziegler and Jacob Tremblay.

The cast of The Book of Henry includes two-time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts starring alongside young actors Jacob Tremblay (Room) and Jaden Lieberher (St. Vincent). The supporting cast includes Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Lee Pace (Guardians of the Galaxy), Emmy Award-winner Sarah Silverman, Maddie Ziegler, and Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live). Academy Award-nominee John Schwartzman (Jurassic World, Saving Mr. Banks) is director of photography on The Book of Henry.

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