‘Terminator’ Sequels Off The Table?

Terminator: Genisys

Despite making $440 million worldwide, this year’s Terminator: Genisys is deemed a disappointment by Paramount. It’s being said that the film still managed to somehow lose money on the film, and let’s not even bring up the poor reviews. Overall, this movie didn’t come close to what the studio has expected. They thought it would be a huge success, and because of that, they had plans to move forward with an entire trilogy of Terminator films, as well as a TV Series. But it looks like those projects can join Tron 3 and Pacific Rim 2 in the trashcan.

The Hollywood Reporter breaks the scoop, with their sources telling them that “the notion of a Terminator universe is on hold indefinitely.” Honestly, this isn’t much of a surprise. Sure the movie made nearly half a billion dollars at the box office, but we all knew at this point that the studio wasn’t impressed. Besides, even though it wasn’t as bad as Terminator: Salvation, the newest film was bad enough to kill any hope that a lot of fans had for the future of the franchise. The timeline is in such a muddled state right now that it might be best to hold off on another Terminator film for a while.

Even if Paramount decided to go ahead with another film or two, the rights to the Terminator franchise is said to go back to James Cameron in a few years. As great as it would be to see him take another shot at it, he’s got his hands busy with those Avatar sequels, plus anything else he may have up his sleeve. He may allow Paramount to hold onto the rights for a while longer, or even let another studio give it a shot, but I think he’ll just hold onto the rights for a while and make a decision down the line.

This all makes me think the next Terminator film will be decades away. But who knows, it still might happen. Just like Tron 3 might still happen. Isn’t that right, Garrett Hedlund?