Olivia Cooke First To Join ‘Ready Player One’

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow are behind the movie, which adapts the best-selling sci-fi novel by Ernie Cline.

We learned not that long ago that Lola Kirke, Elle Fanning, and Olivia Cooke was on the shortlist for Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One, but now it looks as if the the latter choice has nabbed the part. Cooke has been on a steady rise to stardom after starring in much smaller projects, so this film could be the boost that her career needs to make her a household name.

The Me And Earl And The Dying Girl star will play the female lead in the film, a Canadian Blogger (kind of like myself) named Sam, who goes by the name Art3mis in the virtual world of which this film takes place. In the original novel written by Ernest Cline, her character competes with the male lead, Wade Watts, to find the treasure left by a billionaire in the virtual world that he created before his death.

Taking this role will mean that Cooke will have to drop out of the running for a role in Rian Johnson’s currently un-subtitled Star Wars Episode VIII, but with so many young actresses hoping to appear in a Star Wars film, it was doubtful that she’d get the part anyway.

We don’t know who is playing the male lead opposite of Cooke yet, but it’s been rumored that Nick Robinson of Jurassic World fame is in negotiations. Regardless of if he takes the part or not, the film will open December 15, 2017, with Olivia Cooke now starring.