Michael Mann’s Ferrari taps Christian Bale

Michael Mann, known for Heat (the 1995 masterpiece, not the Melissa McCarthy one) and the much more recent and controversial (among film geeks) Blackhat, is helming what is simply known as ‘Ferrari’, and has tapped Christian Bale to star as the title role, Italian car entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari, who, you guessed it, found the Ferrari car line.

The 1957-set biopic has been in development for some time, and has been an on-and-off project for Mann lately, though it will start shooting next Summer, and will likely screen at 2016 fall film festivals. It’s known that Mann has been working on ‘Ferrari’ for about 15 years, and at one point, with Sydney Pollack (who sadly passed away).

Several unnamed actresses are circling the female lead in the film, in what is being described as the main love interest (oh gee, really).

Christian Bale is currently a busy man–he’s got two long-delayed Terence Malick films on the horizon, and he’s set for Bagheera in Jungle Book: Origins (not the Jon Faverau one).


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