Trailer: ‘Deadpool’ Gets Green Band and Red Band Previews


Up until now, all we’ve seen from Marvel’s much-anticipated, profanity-filled superhero film, Deadpool is a trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic Con last month that leaked online (in low-quality, mind you) without its studio, 20th Century Fox’s permission. Tonight though, Fox has officially released not only a red-band trailer, but also a green-band trailer, with the latter most likely set to play in front of screenings of Fox’s newest release, Fantastic Four which opens on Friday.

Both trailers are nearly identical, with the red-band containing explicit language (yes, including f-bombs) and bloody violence, while the green-band is a near-mirror image of the red band, but without the vulgar words and gore. For instance, the final line in the red-band preview before the title reveal has the potty-mouthed superhero, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) saying “Ah, I’m touching myself tonight”, while the green-band has him muttering “Ah, I’m very turned on right now.” instead.

If you ask me, the red-band is the one to watch, since those will be the actual lines in the movie, not to mention that trailer and its vulgarity is funnier. But, if you’d like to watch both trailers, have at it. Here they are in glorious HD!

Red Band

Green Band 

Deadpool arrives in theaters February 16, 2016.


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