‘Pacific Rim’ 2 To Begin Shooting in November, Possible Title Revealed?


Rest easy, Pacific Rim fans. Your sequel is on its way. Director Guillermo del Toro has confirmed he’ll begin shooting the sequel to 2012’s robots vs. monsters blockbuster this November following the release of his gothic horror film, Crimson Peak which begins its theatrical run on October 16th. According to Global News, del Toro and the rest of the Pacific Rim 2 cast and crew will be heading to Toronto in November to shoot the film at Pinewood Toronto Studios. The filming process is expected to go well into 2016.

Along with this production news, we now have a working title for the film. The working title is Maelstrom, which refers to a powerful whirlpool in a sea or river. It remains to be seen if Maelstrom will be the subtitle to the sequel or not, or if it’s strictly just a tentative working title. We’ll let you know when we know for sure.

Pacific Rim 2 is scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2017’s summer moviegoing season with the release date of August 7th. The cast has yet to be confirmed, but Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, and Rinko Kikuchi are expected to reprise their roles.


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