Teaser: DiCaprio Seeks Revenge in THE REVENANT

Full Disclosure time; I am about as cold as cold can be when it comes to the work of Alejandro González Iñárritu in general and The Revenant specifically. I’ve never seen any of his films and before seeing this teaser I had never heard of The Revenant. So for all intents and purposes I am the proverbial “person walking by the theater” in this case.
The Revenant stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. In the 1820s frontiersman Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) was mauled by a bear, afterwards the other men in his party robbed him and left him for dead. After recovering, he sets out for revenge.
The teaser opens with a shot of haggard looking DiCaprio in the mountains as he proclaims in voice over “I ain’t afraid to die anymore, I’ve done it already.”

Next, DiCaprio and his party attempt to fend off an attack by natives. Their camp is overrun and they escape by boat.
Next we see glimpses of several sequences in the film; DiCaprio trekking through a snowing wildness alone, more of the attack on his camp, and a confrontation with Hardy’s character and DiCaprio speaking with a native man where he asks to see his son. More glimpses follow including a bear attacking Glass and him presumably running from a group of native men. The teaser then comes to a close with the film credits.

I would call this a very effective teaser, it shows you enough to entice, but there is very little context so the risk of being spoiled is low. You can take a look for yourself below.

The Revenant comes to theaters this December. Will you be seeing it? Let us know in the comments!